New Earth Tribes to Hold Meditation to Create Unity and Resolution to Boynton Art Walk Ban

Last week, Boynton Beach announced that it was putting the kibosh on the the Boynton Beach Art District (BBAD) monthly art walks.

The art walks had revitalized what was previously your run-of-the-mill warehouse district. What was once a wasteland of old hollow buildings buried in the shadows west of I-95 turned into a flourishing art scene.

"Boynton Beach finally did something before Miami and Delray Beach: It banned its own signature, award-winning art walk. Go figure that one out," artist and gallery owner Rolando Barrero told New Times' music blog last week.

A group of artists and spiritualists are meeting at sunset this evening to bring awareness in hopes of shifting the city's perspective on why shutting down the art walk is wrong for the community.

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"We're real just coming together in support of the arts," Emily Andari of New Eath Tribes tells New Times. "We've invited the spiritual comminuty to create space and to take a peaceful stand for the thriving of the arts."

The event, called Abun-Dance and Drums: a Silent Meditation, will be held in the Boynton Beach art district, and will feature drumming, and a fire pit to create, as Andari puts it, "a space of positivity and expansion for creativity."

Andari wants to make it clear that the meditation isn't so much a protest, as it is a time for those who care about the art walk to bring good vibes to the city's decisions, as well as letting the community know that this decision effects everyone.

Basically, according to Andari, it's to clear any obstacles in the further expansion and well-being of the Arts District and community of artists of Boynton Beach.

"This isn't an 'we're angry' kind of get-together," she says. "But we're also not a bunch of hippies just trying to get attention. The hope here would be to create positive energy to shift perspective."

The city says it's currently looking into maybe obtaining a process to accommodate monthly events -- which used to take place every third Thursday of the month. The problem seems to be no one knows how long that process will take. For now, BBAD is kaput.

For the time being, the Boynton Beach Arts District is planning to meet city officials on Friday to discuss what actions will taken.

If you're interested in joining in on the good vibes of the Abun-Dance and Drums silent meditation, the group plans to meet around 7:30 Wednesday evening at the Boynton Beach Art District located on 410 West Industrial Ave.

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