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Premature Congratulation: Capellini's Paper Gets Scoop on His Innocence

The Deerfield Beach Dispatch is a thinly veiled propaganda rag allegedly "published as a public service," assuming that what's good for ex-mayor Al Capellini is good for the public. It is not to be confused with another thinly veiled propaganda rag called the Deerfield Beach Observer, which last week presided over a candidates forum so biased that it was deemed a "disgrace" even by the prevailing community standards in a city where crooked politics is an enduring tradition. Nor should the Deerfield Beach Dispatch be confused with the Deerfield Beach Advocate, a thinly veiled political hit-blog that eviscerates the enemies of Capellini and friends.

Above, the front page of this month's Dispatch. At a glance -- especially from eyes clouded by cataracts, like some of those elderly residents who occupy the enormous, vote-rich condo complex Century Village -- it looks like "Al Capellini Cleared." A subliminal message that might come in handy for a guy facing a felony corruption charge.

Look closely, though, and you'll see an even subtler subliminal message: "Voters are sheep." Or at least that appears to be the bet Capellini's making. Truly the most cynical campaign ploy of 2009. But it's still early.