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Morning Juice: Reporter Solves Porn Problem, Transsexual Makes Boynton More Boring

Channel 10 Solves Problem of Pesky Porn Bus Handing Out Cash

Channel 10 has this whole team of reporters who do nothing but go around and solve people's problems. And recently, Local 10 Problem Solvers tackled this burning question: Who's behind that van of dudes who go around and pay women $500 to have sex with them? Turns out it's Local 10 Problem Solvers' own Matt Lorch.

Or at least it was for a day when he went "undercover" to find out who's in the van. Here's an excerpt from Lorch's undercover work:

The young women flash their breasts, and what follows is hardcore pornography that usually comes to a demeaning end with the men leaving or dumping the women on the side of the road.

This demeaning end is different than, say, going to journalism school, working your way through small TV markets, finally landing a job in Miami (on the Local 10 Problem Solvers, even), and then scuttling your career on the shores of undercover work in a porn bus. There is one burning question left unanswered from Lorch's reporting: Did Matt Lorch leave the porn bus with $500? We may need Local 10 Problem Solvers to investigate.

After the jump, The Real World investigates the last remaining demographic yet to appear on the show: Boynton Beach transsexuals.

Boynton Transsexual on MTV, Town Now That Much Duller

If you've been to Boynton Beach, then you're aware that it's best known for being sort of near Delray Beach. But it also apparently had, until recently, at least one transsexual resident, because she's now starring on MTV's The Real World. Katelynn Cusanelli even grew up in Sunrise, which is known for being kind of near a bunch of other places. As we all know, the show simulates real life by finding the most peculiar of us and putting them into one room and then solving our societal problems, like cancer, the AIDS epidemic, and why The Gap isn't cool anymore. I haven't watched the show since about 1987, but I'm assuming that the prize is now the chance to become a member of the Local 10 Problem Solvers.

Dog Lost for Years Found, May Have Been Working in Porn Industry

A Boca Raton family was reunited with a dog that they lost seven years ago. Nobody's sure what happened to the now-blind pup over those years. Local 10 Problem Solvers' Matt Lorch needs to go undercover and solve this mystery. But until that happens, I'm going to assume that Harley the minature pinscher was working on a porn bus.

-- Eric Barton