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Cops Arrest Teen Who Made Fake Boynton Beach Bomb Threat

A teenage ticket-taker at a Boynton Beach movie theater has been arrested after it was determined that she was the author of a note that threatened the movie theater with a bomb.

The girl, who remains unidentified due to her age, called in the threat, claiming a man had handed her a note that said he would blow up the Cinemark theater at 1151 N. Congress Avenue, and kill himself.

According to police, the 17-year-old was working as the ticket-taker when she claims a man handed her a ticket receipt purchased online with a handwritten note.

The note read: "I have a bomb and 5 gun on me plan 1) kill everyone and me."

The bomb threat cleared the movie theater at around 5:45 p.m. Sunday. But when police began investigating the threat, they found no bombs, guns, or weapons of any kind in our around the premises. They also discovered a few inconsistencies.

When investigators reviewed the theater's security footage, they couldn't find the man the teen claimed to have had handed her the note.

Police found inconsistencies with the girl's claim and concluded that she "may in fact have written the note," according to the arrest report.

After further questioning at the police department, the girl eventually confessed to having written the bomb threat note, according to police.

No word yet on why she did it.

The teen is now facing charges of threatening to discharge a destructive device.