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DJ Carnage Hauled Off Stage at Troubled Club Cinema

Over the weekend, police busted up a sold-out dance party at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach. The club -- already smack in the middle of a dust-up with the city -- was reportedly raided by almost 30 BSO officers as over 2,500 people watched from the dance floor. They hauled the featured act, DJ Carnage, off the stage before cutting the music and shutting down the party.

The city is currently trying to shut down the club in state court. Late last year, after fielding numerous complaints about the club, Pompano Beach has labeled the Sample Road location a public nuisance. A hearing is set for later this month to determine what will happen next.

The ammo behind the suit is a frequent pattern of police and ambulance calls to the EDM banger joint. According the paper work filed by the city, teens in need of medical help resulted in 21 ambulance calls between June 2010 and May 2013. One some nights, police made as many as 15 narcotics arrests.

A November Sun-Sentinel article broke down the calls over the same period of time.

A review of police records shows that police or paramedics were called to the club 256 times from October of 2012 to October of 2013. That's an average of just over six times per show.

Sixty-six calls resulted in felony or narcotics arrests, many for buying or selling illegal drugs. Thirty-seven were for medical emergencies. Other calls were for trespassing, larceny, disturbances, lost property, vandalism, a bomb threat, a fight, robbery, noise, a hit-and-run and assault. Forty-one calls were for information, meaning the police were brought in but there was no crime.

For their part, the club owners have tried to work with police on the problem, reliquishing their liquor license, stocking the club with security, and hiring an ex-FBI agent to oversee the situation. But none of those precautions seemed to have helped this weekend.

Saturday night's party featured DJ Carnage -- Diamanté Blackmon.

He reportedly kept the music rolling 45 minutes past the club's closing time early Sunday. Then, some stone-faced police took to the stage and shut down the event around 2:25 a.m. Carnage was not arrested, but escorted out of the premises. It didn't seem like the scrape dented his mood too much either.

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