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Fort Lauderdale Mavericks High Fight Posted on YouTube (Video)

Two young women throw punches and tear at each others' hair while a crowd of onlookers shouts around them. Teenagers hold cell phones to record the fight as the women tumble to the ground. In the center of the video frame is a man wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of Mavericks High -- the South Florida chain of charter schools that has been plagued by whistle-blower lawsuits and academic troubles.

According to the student who posted the video on YouTube, this fight took place near the Fort Lauderdale campus of Mavericks. "Shit got to real in skool 2day these hoes stay fighting !" Junior Lamy tweeted on April 16 before posting a link to the video.

Mavericks enrolls students who are at risk of dropping out of high school, promising to

help them earn enough credits to graduate. Yet maintaining order in some of the charter schools has proved difficult. Mavericks campuses in Homestead and North Miami Beach have made headlines in recent months when one student brought a gun to school, another was arrested for attempting to rob a fellow student, and the North Miami Beach Police increased its presence around that city's Mavericks school because of repeated calls for service.

The eight Mavericks schools in Florida are run by a for-profit company, Mavericks in Education Florida, based in West Palm Beach. Gin Gin Lundy, dean of students at the Fort Lauderdale campus of Mavericks, did not respond to the Pulp's request for comment yesterday.

Here's the video Lamy posted online: