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Have You Seen This 250-Pound Mermaid?

Police in Boynton Beach are on the lookout for a large green mermaid. Or a statue of one anyway.

Last night, Timothy Gallo, 47, reported to police that the statue had apparently been stolen from the backyard of his house on NE Tenth Avenue. The statue has been gone for a few weeks, but Gallo explained to police that he thought a friend had taken it to get it cleaned. Gallo says the statue was taken sometime between November 8 and November 17.

Now investigators are turning to the public for help.

"We've put the information and photograph of the statue out to the community via the local media and on our Facebook page," says Boynton Beach spokeswoman Stephanie Slater. Last month, police put out a similar alert for a "Flower Power" sculpture and, through an anonymous tip, found the artwork in the backyard of a local 22-year-old man.

"Since it worked so well last time," Slater says, "we're doing the same thing. Anyone with information is asked to call us, and we'll follow up on any leads that come in." She adds that callers can remain anonymous.

Police did not comment on who they think may have taken the mermaid, but it's safe to say the suspect list can be narrowed to drunken idiots, childish pranksters, competitors in those "Strong Man" contests, T-Pain (he likes mermaids), and Tom Hanks' character from Splash.