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Miami Herald Praises Crooked Chief

Miami Police Chief John Timoney improperly drives around for months in a Lexus SUV furnished as a gift by a dealership, lies about it though a spokesman, gets caught, and then, in a bid to put to the issue to rest, buys the thing with his fat public salary.

What a stinking rat. But what does the Miami Herald have to say about it?

Bravo, good Timoney.

In one of the worst editorials the Pulp has ever had the misfortune to read, the Herald applauds Timoney for "setting an example" in the headline.

"Paying for the car is the right move, and we commend the chief for his change of heart and doing the right thing."


It goes on to talk about how Timoney would have demanded justice had one of his officers been accused of the same thing and concludes that he had made "right decision, for the right reason."


What reason is that, Herald? That he got caught (by CBS4 reporter Gary Nelson, who truly deserves a commendation)?

Fortunately, the newspaper has columnist Ana Menendez, who bring some sense and context to the issue this morning.

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