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Dolphins Demolish Jets, Lose Tannehill to Injury

Rex Ryan wanted his New York Jets to put hot sauce on Reggie Bush. He then demanded an apology from Bush when Reggie dared talk back. LaRon Landry then told the media that Reggie would remember the hit he took in week three, saying, "I'm not going to stop hitting or headhunting. I'm not going to stop the way I play."

There was a lot of shit-talking coming from the Jets all week. There were claims of looking to knock Reggie Bush out of the game, hurt the Dolphins, how New York was a better team than when they met in week three, how this was the game that was going to turn their season around and it would be at the expense of their rival.

And then the actual game came, and Reggie Bush and the Dolphins were all:

The Dolphins went into New York and socked the Jets in the mouth with a sack full of nickels, taking them down and embarrassing them at home in a 30-9 asswrecking.

- On one of the first plays of the game, Antonio Cromartie tried to set the SHIT GON GIT REAL tone by attempting to bring Bush down with a hard tackle. This was after Bush scampered through various Jets defenders. Cromartie came in at a hard angle. But LaMontelle came to fuck and delivered a hard stiff-arm to Cromartie's face as he was pushed out of bounds. SHIT DONE GOT REAL. Cromartie retaliated by head-butting Bush, drawing a 15-yard penalty and then being a complete nonfactor for the rest of the game. After the game, Cromartie told the media that he called Bush a punk when he head-butted him. Good one!

- After the game, the Jets kept yammering even after having their ass blown clean off. Said receiver Chaz Schilens: "They're not a very clean team, I would say that. They're a little cheap as far as I'm concerned." Yeah. Because the Jets WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING DIRTY. Also, the fuck is a Schilens?

And then, of course, there was Cromartie. "[Bush] tried to cuss me out," Baby Mama Maker said. "But at the end of the day, we know his true colors." If not taking your shit and then turning you into his own personal hand puppet are his "true colors," then yes. We do know his true colors, indeed.

- When Mike Westhoff left for the Jets in 2001, he had some strong words for Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt. He apparently had some beef with those two but then seemed to never be able to let it go. So anytime his special teams would make a good play against Miami, Westhoff would show an extra bit of happiness and smugness So it was satisfying to finally stick it up his ornery curmudgeon ass yesterday with our special teams recovering an onsides kick, blocking a field goal, and turning a blocked punt into a touchdown.

- As we mentioned in our preview on Friday, Mark Sanchez needed to prepare his anus. The Dolphins blitzed the shit out of Nacho, forcing a fumble, a bunch of floaters, and an interception in the red zone.