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'Round-the-Clock Sex-Toy Delivery Service Coming to Broward

Kelly Perez and Orlando Moncada make a living getting people sexy bargains. They're two of the folks behind the Coconut Creek-based SensualSteals.com, which offers shoppers a different discounted item every day. (Its "Friday the 13th" special was a Jason-style hockey mask made by Fetish Fantasy Extreme at 45 percent off.)

But they're expanding past being the Groupon of dildos and into a new gig -- delivery. Once LoversLodge.com launches early next month, shoppers in Broward and Dade counties will be able to order any of about 25 products for immediate delivery, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to Moncada.

The products will vary "from lubricants to vibrators to condoms," he says. But the delivery charge will be $15 to $20, so it might not be an instant condom hotline. Still, it's a new option for shoppers with a few bucks to spend on a saucy evening.

"We're very excited about this project. It's going to give an opportunity for people who are normally a little skittish about purchasing these kinds of items at a regular store," Moncada says. "We're going to have our own drivers standing by... It's the convenience of not having to leave your room, not having to run to CVS."

But the delivery biz is only a part of the new venture -- the other opportunity was created by, of all things, the federal government.

Travelers are tired of being harassed about their sex toys by security agents with the Transportation Security Administration, Moncada said, so Lovers Lodge will ship your scandalous playthings directly to your hotel or resort ahead of time. They're also working on an affiliate program with vacation spots (mostly "clothing-optional resorts," he says) so hotels can offer the program themselves. Wake up in the morning, get your USA Today, find a whip underneath? These guys are making moves.

And when the vacation's over? Moncada says they'll give you a return label so you can ship the stuff home without having to worry about a TSA agent fiddling with it. If you want a sneak peek at what the service might look like, their website looks like it's live right now, though it's mostly filler text.

At the end of an interview about the venture, I thanked Moncada for his time.

"My pleasure," he said, and I laaaaaughed.