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West Palm Beach Man "On Mission From God" and "On Pure Natural Marijuana" Arrested

A West Palm Beach was man walking northbound on I-95, a weary traveler who was making a one-man pilgrimage to Palm Bay.

He was tired, sweaty, and also not wearing any shoes.

A Florida Highway patrolman approached the man, who told the trooper he was on a mission from God.

Also, that he was on "pure natural marijuana."

According to an arrest report, 27-year-old Jason Freeman was told repeatedly by the FHP trooper not to walk on the highway.

The state trooper told Freeman he could walk on the roads that run parallel to the highway but that he could not walk on the interstate.

Freeman refused to comply, telling the officer that he had walked too many miles to get off the highway now. The officer told him that he could walk on U.S. 1 but that I-95 wouldn't cut it.

The state trooper said he could get off the highway or go to jail.

"Fine, let's go to jail; I have walked too many miles," Freeman responded.

The state trooper tried to explain that there was no need for Freeman to go to jail. All he had to do was walk somewhere else.

But Freeman refused. The trooper then cuffed him.

Freeman than called the trooper "a cocksucker" and a "pussy," which is kind of out character for a guy who claims to be on a mission from God. Also, not a very nice way to treat a guy who practically went out of his way to avoid arresting you.

Before being driven away by the trooper, Freeman explained that he was on a mission from God and that he was on the pure natural weed -- not the synthetic kind people who aren't on missions from God smoke.

Freeman was arrested on misdemeanor trespassing and resisting an officer charges.

Freeman also reportedly began preaching about his mission at everyone once he got to the jail.

He also said everyone there were "liars and pussies."

A fine man of the cloth, Mr. Freeman is!

That or really, really, really ridiculously high.

(Also, probably not on "pure natural marijuana," but that's just our hunch.)

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