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Hollywood Gospel Singer Evon Latrail Poses Nude

Nude pictures of gospel writer/singer and children's book author Evon Latrail, who lives here in Hollywood, have popped up on the internet recently, as naked pictures tend to do, and it seems to have created a bit of a fuss locally.


The author of kids' book When Mommy Went to Heaven and religious-based songs "Lord Bless My Enemies" and "It Is Time" recently posed for photos titled "Swamp Girl" and "Roses on Me," both of which you can purchase for the one-time fee of just $25. That, or you can just look at them online and still have $25, but this isn't Shark Tank, so who am I to judge her hustle?

When Evon isn't teaching you what to say when Mommy passes away, she's apparently teaching you lots of things on YouTube, of which "How to Twerk" was my personal favorite: