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Mom, Dad, And The Joy of Nuggets

Yes, it's true: Olmeda can be a little square. But he's also one of the nicer, funnier, and more well-intentioned fellows you're going to meet (I play softball with him). Tragically, though, his attempt to get some wholesome discussion going among parents quickly goes awry.

"shut up you stupid whore! DIE" wrote someone calling themselves Dan in the first message.

 Not content, Dan then wrote that Olmeda's daughter would that night probably be taking a "bong hit, knife hit, steamroller, blunt, joint, kif rip, etc."

Not really what Olmeda was looking for on the usually milquetoast blog.

"Dan, part of me wants to delete your comments as inappropriate for this site," Olmeda replies. "However, in the spirit of 'this is your brain on drugs,' I think I'll let the comments stand." 

From there it goes further south with more pot smokers talking up the wonders of weed and hammering Olmeda. I don't know where they came from; NORML members must have been googling "420" on that day en masse. One came from a fellow named Wil on the joy of "nuggets" who addresses Olmeda:   

listen lady,

you need to relax. warn her it's illegal but don't lie to her and tell her it's the worst thing in the world to be doing right now. nuggets are made to be enjoyed, not outlawed and mocked by prescription companies that make harmful substitutes.

Olmeda tells Wil to "put down the hashpipe for one second and re-read my name: I'm a man."

Maybe it's because I know Olmeda that I was laughing so hard while reading this stuff that tears came to my eyes. You have to read the entire thing to get the feel of it. Click here to go on that trip. Oh, and a belated happy 420 to you.