Alison Sherberg's Journey From Open Mics to iTunes

Like so many musicians, Alison Sherberg has a day job. Actually, she has a lot. A bit of a Renaissance Woman, Alison Sherberg is a sales manager for Silk, International Delight, and Horizon Organic Milk by day and a venue booker and musician by night. Sherberg has been at it since the age of 16 when she decided to pair her poetry with some sweet melodies on the guitar. The indie singer-songwriter and Orlando native has been working hard ever since, and her EP Same Life, Different Songs showcases that hard work along with her signature folksy blues sound.

"My EP is an amazing outcome of working with my friends out of WholeHearted Productions in Orlando. I chose the six songs that I am really proud of, and I am excited to announce that since working on the EP I have written about three more that I will drop as singles in the next year," Sherberg says.

No stranger to open mic nights, the singer had no idea that one night on stage would change her career. "It still amazes me to think that the guys who produced my album saw me with only a ukulele at an open mic," the songstress confessed. Since the release of her EP on iTunes, the singer has enjoyed both praise and some extra cash in her bank account, which helps keep her dreams and future plans afloat.

Sherberg uses her creative outlet as a musical therapy of sorts. "I make music to channel my emotions. Everyone always tells me how level-headed I am, and I think it truly is all thanks to musical therapy. When I am upset, I cry it out, let it hurt, and then pick up my guitar to talk about it." It's a strategy that's proved more cost effective than an actual shrink, and definitely more fun.

The indie singer also thrives on the love she receives from her audience and the connections she make through her music. Music makes for a hard life, but sometimes all the encouragement she needs can come from a single person after a show. "That one person who comes up and tells me they completely relate to a song or a line, that's what I do it for."

At the end of the day, Sherberg is grateful to have loyal friends who have always been there to support her. "I would not have even attempted my first open mic without my friends, and I could not have made it as far as I have without them constantly coming to my shows and helping me network."

One of her newest songs, "How Reflective," will also be featured as the ending credit for the film Ex Napped, a low-budget indie flick written & directed by Kandice Martellaro. As far as her future plans go, she hopes to be playing more shows and festivals and would love to book a national tour. If that doesn't pan out, she's always wanted to run a coffee shop. Hell maybe she can do both. Lattes and listening booths anyone?

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