YouTube Account Tries to Shame "Stupid South Florida Drivers"

There's somebody in South Florida driving around with a camera on his dashboard ready to capture "stupid" drivers and shame them on YouTube. But here's the punch line: It's actually the person taking the videos who's the bad guy.

On the Stupid South Florida Drivers YouTube page, you won't see many videos of drivers viciously cutting off others and causing horrible accidents. Rather, you will see instances of everyday imperfect driving -- maybe a late lane change or somebody who didn't push on the gas until two seconds after the light turned green -- narrated by an angry-sounding man who will add "fucking moron" before spelling out the license plate number of the culprit.

In short, this guy is basically a snitch who drives around and posts videos on YouTube. There's even a video of somebody allegedly speeding and then slowing down once he or she realizes there are police ahead.

And this guy behind "Stupid South Florida Drivers" actually calls them out for what is essentially a basic American right.

In another video, a driver is criticized for seemingly having an issue with his brake light, according to the title of the clip. And although that's not clear, the title still says that's the case, along with the license plate number of the driver in question. Of course, even if the person were having trouble with his or her brake light, why post a YouTube video about it?

New Times reached out to the man behind the YouTube page to ask him if he's serious about these videos or if he's doing some outrageous performance-art piece meant to criticize those who complain about Florida drivers, but he didn't respond to our emails.

Whatever is the motivation, the Stupid South Florida Drivers creator is not only about driving videos. He also enjoys videos of people throwing water into the street. In one such video, a man at a bus stop throws some liquid out of a cup, which appears to have struck a passing car. This is obviously extremely funny to the video creator and his passenger.

"Ha ha, nice!" giggles a female in the car.

Check out the rest of Stupid South Florida Drivers videos for more examples of slightly imperfect driving narrated by a guy with too much time on his hands.