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Thug Kitchen's Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck! (Explicit)

In that past few years, the culinary world has become a bit of a congested mess, with chefs turning into household names and Hollywood-caliber personalities bursting from the kitchen into the limelight. Fledgling epicurean operations have resorted to gimmickry and "shticks" in order to stand out in this oft-confusing sea. To what degree these entities reach success is debatable and, quite frankly, a bit early to understand with any degree of clarity.

But one recipe-dispensing, healthy-living website that has managed to stand out in this fracas is the acerbic, witty, and downright lexically violent entity known as Thug Kitchen.

In a balanced use of crisp photography, meme-styled text-wrapping, an affinity for gangsta rap, and a devil-may-care, we-don't-give-a-fuck attitude, Thug Kitchen has turned the droll exercise of internet recipe-reading into a chuckle-inducing visual feast.

It also helps that early on, the site caught Gwyneth Paltrow's eye, and she simply couldn't shut the fuck up about it.

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So was it really a big surprise that the until-now-jealously-guarded identities of the creators of the site have been outed and that Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway have published a book to go with their popular site? Or as this Epicurious piece shows, the pair are easy-going collaborators who've had great luck with their potty mouths.

From Davis' apartment, the duo has been working together since 2012. Neither comes from a background in the culinary arts, with Holloway having experience as a regular photographer.

In fact, their foodie credentials --- beyond running an extremely popular cooking site for the past few years -- are limited to Davis' time working at a grocery store where she was able to meet private chefs and slowly became involved in culinary efforts as support staff at pop-ups and private events.

Noticing that most "personal" styled food blogs and websites initially serve as ego platforms for the creators and secondarily as recipe dissemination centers, the pair took a motherly approach toward their readership but with a far more vulgar vocabulary in their arsenal.

Hey, maybe if all our mothers had told us to "shut the fuck up and eat your liver like a good fucking boy," we wouldn't be so initially adverse to it today. The world may never know.