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Sequestration Cuts Budget for Senior Services: Broward Meals on Wheels Loses $207,000

In case you haven't heard: This year's farm bill was yet another, epic disaster.

You may be wondering why it even matters, but in it lies a deluge of pending legislation -- most of which has little to do with sowing farmland.

Just like WIC and food stamps, the Federal Older Americans Act (OAA) falls under the farm bill -- and it is responsible for the funding of senior services.

Broward Meals on Wheels (BMOW), best-known for its home-delivered meal plans for seniors, receives 65 percent of its annual resources from OAA. The organization was hit with a $207,000 cut for the rest of the fiscal year earlier this month.

Clean Plate Charlie spoke to BMOW's executive director, Mark Adler, about the sequestration's impact on the agency.

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