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Hell's Kitchen Contestant Robyn Almodovar Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Mass-Produce Her Goods

Kickstart South Florida is a new feature highlighting local food-related crowd-funded projects on Kickstarter.

You may have met Robyn Almovodar on the streets of Miami, serving food from her food truck dubbed The Palate Party Fresh Mobile Cafe, where she serves up her famous soft-shell crab sandwiches, or meatball sliders smothered in a secret Sunday gravy.

Or perhaps you've seen her taking the heat during the 10th season of Fox's Hell's Kitchen, where she competed with her signature dish of seared striped sea bass.

Now, the Hollywood, Florida resident is starting up a new project -- one that will bring her cooking straight to your kitchen -- with an idea known as Incredible Creations that she launched on Kickstarter earlier this month.

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