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Affordable, Sustainable, Cholesterol-Free: Just Mayo Making Its Way to Walmart Shelves

Hampton Creek's Just Mayo is taking its affordable, sustainable and cholesterol free mayo to Walmart.

This egg-free sandwich spread (made from pea protein) is billing itself as the everyman's mayo: affordable, wildly delicious and better for you. After Andrew Zimmern himself picked it over Hellman's in a taste test, their path to becoming the world's go-to mainstream mayo brand seems pretty attainable.

Come September 24th, in the next step of their consumer journey, they'll be on the shelves at the everyman's consumer mecca.

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The animal product-free mayo is already in Safeway, Kroger, Costco and Dollar Tree stores across the country. No Publix -- yet.

And very soon, Walmart.

Basically, Hampton Creek is on a mission to make food better tasting, more affordable, healthier and more sustainable. And for them, it starts with replacing the egg. A tall order, but they're well on their way.

In just six months on shelves, their mayo is already the top seller at Whole Foods nationwide.

"Just Mayo is the start of what we're doing to fix food. And it's unique because it was developed by some very smart people here at Hampton Creek," says Communications Director Morgan Oliveira. "Our team searched through thousands of plants from all around the world before coming to a certain varietal of the Canadian Yellow Pea that not only makes a delicious and creamy mayo, but one that is free from cholesterol, way more sustainable than a traditional mayonnaise, and more affordable, too. And this is important because it follows our theory of change: that you need to make it easier for regular people to make good food choices."

The young Silicon Valley company, funded in part by Bill Gates, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and other tech bigwigs, has already made major waves in the food industry.

But Walmart is a different ballgame than Whole Foods. How will they market a new line of mayo to Walmart customers?

"A lot of people at Walmart will know our brand at this point, but what is even better, is that a lot of people will not, and will simply buy us based on the fact that we have a delicious, healthier product, at a better price," Oliveira adds. "This is how we will win when it comes to changing the food system. You can preach the benefits of kale all day long (and I personally love kale), but making small changes to food people are already eating, is a sure way to make a big impact. "

The company is also rolling out two additional products in the near future: Just Cookies and Just Scrambled. Cookies and eggs, made from plants.

In the meantime, you can pick up Just Mayo at Whole Foods across South Florida. And soon, your local Walmart. (The Walmart price point has yet to be determined, but Hampton Creek always recommends retailers sell it for less than the category leader.)