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Smashburger Opening New Years Eve in Boynton Beach

We would say that 2012 was year of the burger, but, then again, so was 2011. And for that matter 2010. Apparently, Americans are obsessed with red meat. After the economy took a landslide the love of all things meaty slid down to steak's less expensive counterpart: the burger. 

We have already explored the ever-increasing "better burger" market here in South Florida, but the question is: when is it going to be enough?

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Right about this same time last year, Clean Plate Charlie explored a Forbes article exclaiming Smashburger to be America's most promising company. The article praised the company for its special cooking process and unconventional toppings like "avocado, fried eggs and garlic mushrooms, as well 11 sauces, including chipotle mayo and spicy brown mustard." While, these "unusual ingredients" may not have been as common place back in 2007, when the company was founded, they are ubiquitous now.

This will be the fifth Smashburger location to open in South Florida; the first being the Coral Springs location, which opened in November of 2011. For the record: that's five in just over a year.

We're glad that they seem to be holding up to the Forbes praise, but seriously: isn't it enough already? We're not just talking Smashburger, but burgers in general.

So, here is our proposal: head over the Smashburger grand opening this New Years Eve and eat up. But, let's try something else for 2013. A new "thing." 

Year of the veggie burger? Taco? Salad? Anything.

On the bright side, if you're looking for a job, you might want to check it out.

Smashburger will be located at 1729 S. Federal Hwy in Boynton Beach.