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Sardelli's Italian Restaurant: a Hidden Gem in Hollywood

In an opulent, Italian-style villa steps away from Hollywood Beach Fulvio Sardelli Jr. is doing what he was born and bred to do: cook. The Sardelli family has fed South Florida for decades. They started in the 1980s, at Franco's Pizzeria in Davie. Fulvio Sr. then began dishing out the goods at Fulvio's 1900, an upscale Italian eatery on Hollywood Boulevard, with his son and wife at his side.

Sardelli's Italian Steakhouse is the family's latest project. It was five years in the making, and according to Fulvio Jr. they spent their life savings on it. The four-story building sits unmarked along Van Buren Street, which runs right into the beach. The only way you'll notice it is by the valet sitting out front.

Through a heavy, inlaid wooden door lays an intimate, 35-seat dining room. The floors above hold a wine cellar, space for private parties, and a rooftop terrace with a bar. Despite the high-priced steaks on the menu, which were flavorful and came cooked to the requested temperatures, it's the Italian classics here that shined.

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