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South Florida's Inaugural Dishcrawl in Delray Beach (Photos)

We know you've heard of pub crawls. In fact, we're pretty sure you've probably ended up on all fours at the end of one. That's fun and all, but after a certain age, getting absolutely blind kind of starts to lose its appeal. Or not. Whatever.

Well, there's a new trend on the upward swing, but it's for the more sophisticated -- i.e., not ridiculously freaking smashed -- crowd. It's called the Dishcrawl. Starting on the West Coast and moving on to cities throughout the country, Dishcrawl allows participants to slowly sample their way around the food in town by visiting different restaurants for small plates. Tuesday night was the first Dishcrawl to take place in South Florida: in foodie central Delray Beach. And we got to check it out. Photos after the jump.

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