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Due South Brewing Co. Collaborating With Spanish Brewery

As much as we like to be in on a local secret, it's pretty cool when one of our favorite products from South Florida gets some international recognition.

Everyone already knows the finest oranges, purest honey, longest-lasting tomatoes, and Gatorade -- the best hangover cure ever -- come from the confines of our fair state.

Even with all of that, our craft beer is really where it's at.

One of the leaders of the South Florida brewing scene, Due South Brewing Co., is about to pick up some global craft-brew cred by collaborating with Edge Brewing of Barcelona, Spain.

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In February, Due South founder and head brewer Mike Halker will cross the pond to brew two styles of beer with Edge in Barcelona.

While there, Halker intends to introduce Spaniards to Due South brews through pairing dinners. He also plans to discuss the growing craft beer market in the United States, the brewing process, and the industry in general with local brewers in the area.

"As the first brewery from South Florida to do an international collaboration, we're extremely excited to make the trip to Spain," says Halker. "I see this as much more than beer getting brewed. This collaboration indicates the beginning of a cultural shift in Spain, a country known more for its wine than its beer. The American craft-beer movement is gaining popularity in Europe, and Due South Brewing Co. is thrilled to help expose the people of Spain to the plethora of flavor possibilities when it comes to designing unique beers. We're not only going to make beer; we're going to make a statement."

Edge is a Barcelona-based American craft brewery; it is teaming up with an array of craft brewers from the U.S. and U.K. this year.

Halker is already planning on returning for the release of the beer in March.

Due South Brewing Co. is located at 2900 High Ridge Road in Boynton Beach. Call 561-463-2337, or visit duesouthales.com.

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