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Ten Best Eggs Benedict in Broward and Palm Beach

Eggs Benedict -- that stellar combination of perfectly poached egg, Canadian bacon, English muffin, and hollandaise sauce -- is one of those dishes that's next to impossible to master at home. Especially when you're just barely awake. Or slightly hungover. Perfectly poached eggs? That creamy Hollandaise? Toasting the bread is perhaps the only task that doesn't require a full-time babysitter.

Which is why they often taste so much better when someone else makes them. Today, there are as many variations of eggs Benedict as there are creative pairings you can think to slap on top. There's lobster and crab-cake eggs Benedict or salmon and corned beef hash or simply sliced avocado and tomato.

In South Florida, we've found places that do them all -- and then some. Here's our list of the ten best eggs Benedict in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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10. Shawn & Nick's Courtyard Cafe

This retro diner in the heart of Wilton Manors draws a devoted crowd. Here, breakfast is served all day long -- and into the night, if you desire. The place is known for a few things, including its fried green tomatoes and fried Spam and eggs. But it's the eggs Benedict that help it stand out from the crowd. It's one of the few places that offers lox -- here the dish is called "salmon benny" -- a riff on the original with the addition of smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers, and onions.

9. Benny's on the Beach

This longtime Lake Worth establishment has lots going for it. It's located directly on the city's pier, with oceanfront views. It's got a great a killer brunch and well-stocked cocktail menu. There's even a new executive chef who's mixing a lineup of gourmet-style dishes in with the restaurant's classic favorites. Luckily, nothing is coming off the menu, and that includes the list of eggs Benedict variations. The menu offers several options, including the California: fresh-sliced avocado, tomato, and crispy bacon.