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Last Night's Innovative Kitchen Collaboration With Jamie DeRosa and Paula DaSilva (Photos)

We write about culinary events all the time.

Whether it's an individual dinner, a food festival, or a group of chefs preparing a meal, each one tends to focus on each chef showing off his or her individual style.

While we're all about sampling different styles of food in one fell swoop, these sorts of tastings aren't exactly groundbreaking -- every now and then it's nice to see something that diverges from the same old path.

Last night Paula DaSilva teamed up with Jamie DeRosa at Tongue & Cheek in Miami Beach for the last Kitchen Collaboration dinner of the season.

The pair were joined by local celebrity chefs, 7 News anchor Belkys Nerey, and a bunch of eager foodies looking to sample the innovative synergistic cuisine.

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