The Ten Weirdest New Year's Eve Ball Drops: Pickles, Peeps, and Fish

Tonight, millions of people around the world will gather around their televisions to see a big lighted ball drop from One Times Square in New York City at midnight. Since 1907, the New Year's Eve ball has dropped at 11:59 p.m., traveling 77 feet in 60 seconds to signify the start of another year.

Though the most famous celebration, the Times Square ball is not the only item to drop at New Year's Eve. Many cities have their own unique celebrations, many of them representing foods they're famous for. Miami, for instance, drops an orange at midnight, while Georgia drops a peach. In fact in the 1980s the famous Times Square ball was replaced by an apple (to mixed reviews).

While those are pretty normal ways to celebrate the new year and home town spirit, some cities get a little carried away and take a trip to crazy-town this time of year. Forget apples and oranges -- here are the ten weirdest food-related things to drop on New Year's Eve.