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New Study Says Beer is Good... For the Economy

Right now, everyone is getting all excited in anticipation of South Florida Beer Week. Mainly, the focus is on the art of brewing and, well, drinking. But a recently released study, by the Center of Applied Business & Economic Research, at the University of Delaware for the National Beer Wholesalers Association, gives Beer Geeks yet another reason to celebrate.

It turns out beer is good not just for your taste-buds and sense of merriment. It makes a huge impact--on the economy.

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The study, which was based on 3,333 beer distribution establishments throughout the country--all 50 states and Washington D.C.--concluded that beer distribution generates $10.3 billion in revenue: almost as much as the $11 billion generated from consumption. According to the study that revenue is, "sufficient to fund nearly 400 million hours of public school teacher instruction or to provide maintenance of nearly 400,000 miles of highways in the U.S. each year."

In Florida, 125 beer distributors are responsible for 20,909 jobs in direct and indirect jobs, which accounts for over $6.3 million in tax revenue. When combined with community capital investments, charitable events, local economic development, and community involvement the total economic impact reaches $655,155,163 in taxes. According to the study, "The total taxes collected in Florida by federal, state and local governments are sufficient to fund 26,705,984 teacher hours or to provide maintenance for 11,114 miles of highways in Florida for a year."

Like you needed another reason to celebrate.