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Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival: Palm Beach Battles Miami for Street Food Supremacy

Last night marked the unofficial start to the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival, Broward and Palm Beach counties' most prestigious culinary event. As part of the lead-up to the festival, media and chefs were invited to the Four Seasons EDGE Steak & Bar to see which Palm Beach County and Miami chefs would be cooking which dishes at the festival's new event, Street Food Hosted by Marc Summers.

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Taking place on Saturday, December 13, at 7 p.m., the competition is pitting the two counties against each other in a battle for street food supremacy. One chef from each team will challenge the other neck-and-neck in one of the five categories: fried chicken, meatballs, hot dogs, tacos, and "on a stick."

Contending for the home team of Palm Beach, chefs Lindsay Autry (former contestant on Top Chef Texas), Clay Conley (chef/partner of Buccan and Imoto), Dean Max (DJM Restaurants), Darryl Moiles (executive chef of Four Seasons Palm Beach), and Tim Lipman (chef/owner Coolinary Cafe). The opposing Miami team: chefs Timon Balloo (executive chef of Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill and Bocce Bar), Jamie DeRosa (chef/owner Tongue & Cheek), Giorgio Rapicavoli (chef/partner Eating House), and Daniel Serfer (chef/owner Blue Collar and Mignonette).

Though the contest is new this year, festival organizer David Sabin has been ruminating about the concept for years. "The idea developed over time, but I've wanted to do a Street Food event for years," says Sabin.

To kick off it off, the competing chefs were invited to the Four Seasons Hotel Miami to draw envelopes for each category.

In the fried-chicken category, Clay Conley is up against Aaron Brooks. Darryl Moiles and Giorgio Rapicavoli are on meatballs. Hot dogs went to Lindsay Autry and Jamie DeRosa. Tim Lipman and Daniel Serfer got tacos. Dean Max and Timon Balloo will be showcasing their culinary talents "on a stick."

The chefs have a chance to take home three prizes: People's Choice, Bloggers' Choice, and Best Bite, chosen by fellow chefs Marc Murphy, Robert Irvine, and Jeff Mauro.

The cost to attend is $125. Visit

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