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Dish Mob Is Coming to Orlando; Celebrate in South Florida Too

Dish Mob is coming to Orlando on February 20. The event, whose name sounds like an impromptu group of people converging on a restaurant, is exactly that.

Sponsored by, the event is a way to benefit independent restaurants by asking people to get out and dine at them. For Dish Mob, a few select restaurants are chosen, and people are asked to try out the place at the exact same time.

Everyone wins -- the restaurant gets new customers, and diners get to experience a new, potentially great place to dine.

started Dish Mob in the fall of 2012 with the hopes of driving new

business to small bistros and cafés that don't have a large PR or

marketing component to drive traffic. The online company, which offers

discount certificates to restaurants for purchase, found the campaign

successful, so it's launching another round of Dish Mobs in Orlando,

Raleigh, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Dallas.

The Orlando Dish Mob (the closest one to South Florida) asks people to dine out at Casey's Grill (1335

Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs) from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday,

February 20. The idea is to "Dish Mob" the restaurant with business.


what if you can't drive to Winter Springs tomorrow? Have a "Dish Mob"

right here in South Florida. Sarah Guffey, a PR rep for,

told Clean Plate Charlie that the idea behind the Dish Mob is to support

local restaurants. "Yes, we've chosen one restaurant in one city for

one hour, but the bigger picture is to ask people to support local


So, to celebrate Dish Mob day, Clean Plate Charlie

is asking readers to think outside the box for lunch tomorrow. Drive

away from the drive-through and check out that small, funky café on the

corner, or head out to that food truck you pass every day. You'll have a

culinary adventure -- and help a local restaurateur thrive in our


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