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Pumpkin Spice, The Movie? "White People Are Going to Love It" (VIDEO)

We're not really sure who's to blame for the proliferation of all things pumpkin. Is it Starbucks and their uber popular seasonal specialty coffee, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Or is Shipyard and Dogfishead and their Pumpkinhead and Punkin brews, respectively?

Or, is there perhaps something more sinister at play here? Are there darker forcers at work that will not be satisfied until every food, drink, and scented item has been infused with essence of pumpkin and indeed the entire planet is an orbiting orange gourd?

Apparently, yes.

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Starring Darren Miller, Laura Wilcox, Benjamin Key, Dan Chamberlain, Brandon Gulya, and Evan Kaufman from Official Comedy, the film pulls back the veil on the terrifying truth behind the pumpkin takeover.

Don't let the word "comedy" fool you! This is the revelation of a terrifying prophecy! Or something.

Those who can't stand to see the word pumpkin one more time, will feel vindicated. Those of us who love all things pumpkin will say, "Muhahahahahaha!" Suck it up, bitches. "Pumpkin spice is seasonal and delicious!" And it's here to stay.

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