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Vegetarian 101 Workshop to Help the Veg-Curious Make the Transition

It's not always easy abandoning animal products. From ensuring you get all your vitamins and minerals to whipping up entrees that don't involve lettuce, it's a process.

But for all the clueless, veg-curious eaters out there, the folks at Movements for Change are here to help. They're hosting a Vegetarian 101 Workshop on September 14th, designed to help you make the sometimes-challenging transition to meatless eating.

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Even if you know more about bacon than broccoli, this workshop is designed for those looking to make a gradual transition.

The event will feature an array of demos, instructional presentations, shopping help -- even ways to aid digestion. Because that's info anyone can use.

"Attendees will learn an intro to yoga and basic breathing techniques that aid in digestion. They will engage in a brief dialogue on the unique connection between breathing, yoga and digestion," says Keachia Bowers of Movements for Change, the host organization.

"Participants will also learn about the propaganda in the meat and dairy industry, the GMO epidemic and more from the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Lastly, participants will learn of healthy meatless alternatives, vegan shopping foods, the vegetarian food pyramid and a three-step guide to transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle."

Plus, they'll be serving up food samples from local vendors, giving away gift bags, hosting a raffle and doing an alkaline water demo.

That's a lot of education for one afternoon. Maybe make time to use your new knowledge at the farmer's market afterward.

The event will run from 3 to 6 p.m. on September 14th at Tropical Skoops, 11635 Red Rd. Miramar, Fl. 33025. Admission is $5 per person.