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Yoko-San Opens in Boca: Free Cocktails, Half-Priced Appetizers Today

Here's the scenario: you and your office-mates are planning a diner but you each want something different. You could split up into sub-groups; you could go to one of those chain restaurants with a book for a menu; or you could check out Yoko-San.

The Japanese hibachi/fusion/steakhouse opens today at 99 SE Mizner Blvd. in Boca Raton, boasting "200-plus menu items" that "serves up flavors of Japanese, French, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai, plus a touch of Italian." That pretty much includes every one of your picky co-worker's dietary needs.

The gigantic menu is presented in electronic form -- complete with photos. You can also program the e-menu to read to you in any number of languages, in case you want to order your dish in its native tongue, we presume.

And, since you're bound to take a selfie or two of you and your dinner, Yoko-San helps you with "selfie" capable options at your table (through that smart menu).

Intrigued? Tonight, October 2, seems like a good time to check it out since Yoko-San's offering a complimentary signature cocktail to everyone from 5 - 7 p.m. along with half-priced appetizers.

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