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Ten Best Chicken and Waffles in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

The saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

When it comes to food that idea should remain the same -- unless, you're in danger of food poisoning obviously. Some of the best dishes are comprised of the weirdest mix of food items: croissant/doughnut hybrids, arepa-burgers, breakfast pizza, you get the gist.

And while we eagerly sink our teeth into a ramen-burger or maple bacon doughnut, when it comes to strange-sounding pairings, one item remains supreme: chicken and waffles.

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Yeah, it sounds weird. But who doesn't like fried chicken (aside from vegans and chickens)? And waffles: the best thing the Belgians have ever made -- let's just forget about the beer and fries for a sec.

While the exact origin of the chicken and waffle combination is unclear (some sources claim it came about after Thomas Jefferson purchased a waffle iron from France), the dish became popularized in 1930's Harlem, with the opening of late-night hotspot Wells Supper Club. Jazz musicians like Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat King Cole would stop by for the dinner/breakfast half-breed after gigs in the area.

Chicken 'n waffles popularity skyrocketed from there. Now, one would be hard-pressed to find a gastropub or trendy eatery not offering the dish.

Even so, not all chicken and waffles are created equal. Some are mind-blowing. Others, consist of greasy, soggy, mush on a plate.

Rather than waste your calorie count on a dish that's so-so, here are the ten best chicken 'n waffles in Broward and Palm Beach.

10. Burt & Max's

When it comes to pure perfection, there's no need to mess with tradition. This place serves a classic rendition of the dish. Burt & Max's southern fried chicken and waffles ($19) is a heaping plate full of crisp and succulent fried chicken served atop a fluffy buttermilk waffle, with hot sauce and maple syrup on the side. While it's easy to catch a craving for this monster any time of day, it's only offered during brunch and after 5 p.m. Probably better, because you'll need a recovery nap when you leave.


As much as we love chicken and waffles, there are times when we'd like to avoid the ensuing food coma. This downtown Fort Lauderdale gastropub may be best known for its namesake burgers, but it's chicken & waffles ($15) is where it's at. In small plate form, three mini waffles are topped with crunchy pieces of boneless fried chicken and decadent candied bacon. The whole thing is then dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of bourbon maple syrup. Indulgent and utterly delicious, it's ideal for dividing among friends -- or possibly inhaling yourself, if you feel so inclined.