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Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream: It's Here!

The breakthoughs in food science just keep coming. First it was the genetically-modified yeast in our beer, now it's ice cream with distilled spirits somehow frozen into them.

SnoBar is gracing Florida with its entire line of alcoholic ice cream indulgences. This isn't a frozen daiquiri or a slushy treat with malt liquor in it. These are high-quality frozen pops and rich ice creams with actual distilled spirits as part of the ingredients.

How did they manage to freeze spirits into ice cream when the rest of us have been storing vodka bottles in our freezers?


"Through a lot of trial and error is how we got it to freeze," says

SnoBar co-owner Shannon Masjedi. "It's actually our trade secret, and we

did it without chemicals. It's a totally natural product, it's a process

of combining and when we actually combine it. It took us three years of

research and development."

With the exception of the Cosmopolitan (vodka, triple sec, and cranberry) and margarita (teguila, lime, and triple sec) popsicles most of the flavors are old fashioned cocktails.

There's the Grasshopper (brandy with crème de menthe and crème de cacao), the Brandy Alexander (brandy and crème de cocoa with cream), the Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chip, and the Pink Squirrel (brandy, amaretto and crème de cocoa with cream).

Masjedi says they chose these cocktails in part because they didn't want there to be any confusion - these are alcoholic ice creams. You have to be 21 to enjoy them. "Indulge responsibly," says the SnoBar press release.

The ice creams will be sold in 375ml "pints". Because of their alcoholic content, these treats are subject to regulation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firerarms, and Explosives and so have to be sold in sizes comparable to their straight liquor counterparts.

You can pick them up packaged by the, uh, "pint" at local liquor stores including ABC Wine and Spirits, Crown Wine and Spirits, Total Wine, and Cellars Fine Wine and Spirits.

Or you can go to the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, the Marriott Harbor Beach, or the Ocean Manor and have one of the bartenders whip you up and ice cream cocktail. Tell them not to be afraid to get creative.