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The Pumpkin Spice Condom Is Fake, But This Bacon Flavored Condom is Real

Ah, pumpkin spice is in the air -- but sadly, not your bedroom.

Maybe you saw the fake photo of Durex's "newly-released" pumpkin spice condom, and got excited -- only to have your autumnal wet dreams ruined when the company made light of the doctored photo, revealing it as a hoax via Twitter.

Luckily, if you're planning on spicing things up in the bedroom -- yes, even without pumpkin spice-flavored latex -- we're willing to bet there are still plenty of fun food-flavored condoms you may not even be aware of.

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For just under $6 you can get a 12-pack of lubricated, tropical-flavored condoms at Walmart. That includes apples and oranges. The bedroom should smell downright magical afterwards.

LifeStyles brand also has a special "Luscious Flavors" line with options that include vanilla and strawberry.

Tastee's has its own three-pack of banana-flavored latex condoms. Their official slogan: Monkeys can't resist bananas, and neither should you. Try that one next time, boys.

If chocolate is more your thing, go for the cocoa-flavored condom from Trustex. Prefer fresh breath post-coital? They make mint, too.

Last, if you like meat you can make your meat look (and taste) like the real thing thanks to J&D's bacon condom, touted to be the perfect prophylactic for the "swine connoisseur." The company -- a purveyor of flavored items like bacon shaving cream and even a Sriracha lip balm -- makes this bacon-flavored condom printed to resemble a strip of bacon, and filled with a premium, water-based "baconlube" lubricant. They guarantee your meat will never taste better.

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