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Miracle Whip Video Lance Bass, Susan Boyle, Wynonna: Watch Here

For years, Kraft Foods has wanted us to believe that Miracle Whip is the far superior white goo to put on your turkey sandwich.

The "dressing" was introduced during the Great Depression as a cheaper alternative to mayonaise. The reason why Miracle Whip is called "dressing' by the way, is because of its lower oil content than mayo.

Still, Miracle Whip is polarizing -- some people like its sweeter

flavor, while some consider the mere fact of using a mayo sub to be


To combat this "Miracle Whip prejudice", Kraft has gone

all-out in its new Open Your Mouth campaign. The company wants one

million new people to open their pie holes to the taste of Miracle Whip

-- and they've convinced a heck of a lot of celebrities to help them.


Miracle Whip anthem, a clear take on We Are The World, has a host of

singers pleading the sandwich spread's case in song. We've caught

Tiffany, Susan Boyle, Wynonna, Lance Bass, and the Village People.

Watch the video and see how many famous singers you can find. After the song, you can click through to the company Facebook page for a $1 off coupon -- and a message from Lance Bass, himself.