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The Funky Food Club: Brave Eaters Only

Last month a forwarded email about the Funky Food Club at Le Bistro piqued our interest. On a whim and a suggestion, we decided to check it out. Turns out funky couldn't have turned to be a more fitting title. The club focuses on presenting out of the box ingredients and presentations. Since the initial meeting in April the club has experienced some rather odd combinations: whole pigs head, black chicken complete with claw, chicken feet, scrambled eggs with M&Ms, hot dog and mustard ice cream.

We turned up to the December meeting of the group--they meet once a month--to find a group of twenty ready to explore. Chef Andy Trousdale, northern England expat, former professor at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, two time Kitchen Nightmare participant, and long-term chef guided the group through his 'funky' creations. For our introduction, we found some nice dishes, some interesting, and some, well, off the wall. Then again, that's the point of the Funky Food Club: Trousdale gets to play with ingredients, while guests get the opportunity to try exotic food. Our experience with Nouveau Poutine may have been iffy. And the Toasted Almond Candy Lasagna may have a bit scary. But the experience was more than entertaining. Trousdale admits, "I don't always love everything and not everything is weird, but it's a way to get away from the same boring old foods." Strange at times? Yes. Boring? Definitely not.

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