The Melting Pot Invites You To Go Skinny Dipping With Pitbull

The Melting Pot is the kind of restaurant that you normally think of when you're in an indulgent mood.

For starters, you receive a vat of bubbling molten cheese, served with chunks of bread to dip into the dairy lava pit. You then quickly move through dinner, which consists of proteins and veggies (not bad), so you can get to the chocolate fondue dessert. Not the best place for that diet resolution, right?

Well, yes it is, if you order from their new Skinny Dipping menu, which features a three course menu that comes in under 700 calories -- including chocolate fondue for dessert (though sacrifices have to be made by substituting a salad for the first course of liquid cheese). The price is $25 per person.

As incentive to try out the meal, The Melting Pot is inviting you to go skinny dipping with Mr. 305 himself. Okay, you won't really be getting naked with Pitbull, that's just the name of the promotion.

We're not sure where south

Florida's favorite rapper find the time or the energy, but he's agreed

to party with six lucky winners and a guest. 

Each of the six winners will receive two invitations to the Melting Pot Party with Pitbull in Miami (date and location to be announced), including two nights hotel accommodations in one room, ground transportation from the hotel to the party, and one $100 Melting Pot gift card.

The contest runs through March and winners will be announced in April. No purchase is necessary and you can enter here. The contest is open to anyone 21 or over, residing in the 50 states. For a complete list of rules, click here.