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Ten Best South Florida Craft Beers

Say, for a moment, you've got only one night to spend in South Florida. How would you sample the local beer scene? Luckily, we've assembled a list of some of the best and brightest locally produced beers.

With new breweries opening seemingly every few months and the beer culture expanding faster than the FDOT can add new lanes to I-95, it's hard to keep track of who is offering what.

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In a perfect world, one would be able to grab some of these in bottles or cans, but this is not that world. Instead, we will approach this conundrum with the assumption that you're able to fill up with growlers or use your knowledge of matter-energy conversion and beam yourself from bar to bar.

Some breweries are featured more than once, because this list is about the individual beers and not the breweries as a whole -- all of which we hold in high esteem. Rather, each of these craft brews represents some of the best work of its respective brewer.

So, here it is, the ten best craft beers brewed in South Florida.

10. Der Chancellor Kolsch from Tequesta Brewing

We would start our session light, beginning first with Tequesta Brewing's Der Chancellor Kolsch. This German-American styled Kolsch, and New Times' best beer of 2011, is a straw-colored delight from the fellas up in Jupiter. Brewed in the traditional style of a crisp and clean beer, the team at Tequesta put a bit of that American hop flavor into theirs that lets it stand out in a crowd. It's pleasant and perfect to get your taste buds going.

9. City Fest from Brewzzi

We'd then move on to Brewzzi's City Fest, a Vienna lager, or marzen beer, that has a rich malt base and a closing hop bitterness to seal the deal. This is a little sweeter than a Sam Adams Boston Lager but in the same territory. At only 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, it's another good early beer and would work incredibly by itself as a session beer.

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