3800 Ocean Offering Up Swanky Valentine's Day Dinner Packages

The choice of a Valentine's Day date destination isn't as life-altering as deciding what college to attend or what style of dragon for a neck tattoo, but for some couples, it's a pretty damned big deal. If your relationship is in the "February 14 is super meaningful" camp, it may pay to cough up the funds necessary to net a premium table at a (really) nice restaurant.

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3800 Ocean inside the Palm Beach Singer Island Resort & Spa is pulling out all the stops for Valentine's Day dining. The restaurant is offering three seating options for the holiday; beachfront dining, chiki hut patio dining, or a table inside the dining room. The first two options guarantee ocean views, while tables with a waterfront view are in limited numbers indoors (be sure to specify you want an ocean view while making a reservation). A three-course menu of chef's choice options is $250 per couple. That includes a champagne toast and strawberries.

One very indulgent couple can get the "very important Valentine" package with a private, secluded gazebo platform seating with ocean views and a personal server. That includes a five-course tasting, dessert sampler, champagne, and premium bar, and clocks in at $500 (plus tax and tip). There's only one seating available.

The restaurant is also catering to singles and non-celebrators with a "love bites" get-together in the lounge area that evening. A choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert from the lounge menu is just $25 per person, plus tax and tip. Tack on a champagne split for an extra charge. Not too shabby for an anti-Valentine's Day affair.