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Empty Westvleteren Boxes Selling Online for Over $40

It was all over the new yesterday: the highly anticipated release of the best beer in the world. In some locations the beer sold out in less than four minutes. It was like the beer geek equivalent to Bridezillas at a bridal show--although, somewhat more civilized, we hope. 

Now that stocks are sold, those desperate to get a hold of the highly coveted brew are moving to the internet to try to score.

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By 6:00pm, the last remaining six-packs at Total Wine & More in Fort Lauderdale were off the shelves. As shops sold out, some savvy--i.e. profiteering--entrepreneurs took to the internet to hawk their goods. Around that time, some of the six-packs were already scoring bids upwards of 250 bucks. Sellers were marketing everything associated with the release: from empty bottles and boxes to the commemorative glasses and obviously the beer itself. 

As of the this afternoon, Clean Plate Charlie found one six-pack, with eight bids, going for $305--with almost twenty-four hours to go.

The most surprising find, however, was the empty box, with six bids and two days of bidding time to go, currently garnering $41 with a shipping charge of $19.99. While we understand the import of the release, we're still wondering what one would do with a $60 empty box.

To all the beer geeks, we are very glad that you have this once in a lifetime opportunity to sample what has been deemed 'the best beer in the world,' but at this point, we're really hoping you have a good job. Or a future in empty box art.