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Ten Delicious Halloween Costumes for Your Pup

If there is one thing Americans love more than their food, it's their dogs. And it there is something we love even more than our four-legged friends, it's dressing them up in ridiculous get-ups. Which is why we thought it would be particularly fitting to make a list this Halloween of the ten best food costumes to put your pooches in as you convince your neighbors you're not too old to trick-or-treat.

If girls can use the holiday as an excuse to dress in their skimpiest zombie costume, you surely can use the occasion to dress up your pup in your favorite food --it'll be instagram gold. And you know what they say, you're not a real foodie until you drop the names of two award-winning chefs, rave about truffle fries, and dress your pup as something edible this Halloween.

10. Tootsie Roll Dog

Your dog is sweet, and your dog's costume is even sweeter. Ring doorbells while you trick-or-treat and simply point to your pooch to show them what you want. Be prepared for corny cavity jokes.