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Sandra Lee Dresses Up As Everyone For Halloween (Video)

It's Halloween and if you don't have a costume picked out yet you're in trouble. You can either head out to the local party store and see if there are any pirate costumes left or we suppose you can always staple some old newspaper to yourself, not shower and go as some day-old fish (ewww).

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If you're looking for some inspiration, who better to turn to than Sandra Lee, that bat-shit crazy, semi-alcoholic Food Network hostess that shows us how to turn simple canned goods into something not worthy of a stray cat.

In this recent composite video, Sandra channels everyone from Liza to Barbra to Madonna -- mostly with a cocktail in hand.

And you've got to get treats for the little ghosts and goblins that show up at your door. Auntie Sandy's got some advice for you in that department, too. Get the little beggars some glow in the dark bugs. And make sure you're dressed as mother earth when you greet the kids at the door. Good for a few laughs -- and years of therapy for little Timmy.