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PB Catch Airing on Fish Tank Kings Monday: Offering Specials During the Show

Fish tanks are said to reduce blood pressure, improve insomnia, and lower overall stress.

And they're just cool to look at.

While you're probably happy with a betta in a bowl, fish tanks can run from basic to extravagant. And few people know more about indulgent aquariums than the folks behind Fish Tank Kings on National Geographic.

Next week, you'll see one of South Florida's favorite seafood spots on the show. PB Catch will be airing on Monday's episode. And the restaurant is offering specials to celebrate.

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From 4:30 to 10 p.m., the restaurant is offering $1 oysters and two-for-one drinks as well as Cinco de Mayo specials. (Rock shrimp tamales come with salsa verde ($16). Grilled swordfish is served with corn cakes, epazote, and red mole ($34). Seafood pozole is being served with huitlacoche ($34).)

"We always wanted to add an aquarium inside to bring some life and movement to the dining room." says owner Thierry Beaud. "However, we didn't want just another aquarium. In keeping with what we do at PB Catch, we wanted something

unique. When we heard about Living Color, the show and the work they do,

we decided to explore a little further. And the project became very

exciting for both us and Living Color."

The fish tank was designed to separate the new lounge (it was changed about a year ago) from the dining room. Rather than just throw some fish in a container and call it a day, Beaud wanted the tank to symbolize the concept of the restaurants

"We had a unique vision and LC had to innovate and create new techniques to realize that vision," says Beaud. "In addition, we decided to add lionfish only as a way to raise awareness about the devastating effects of this invasive species. That's when we caught the attention of Fish Tank Kings. For them, it was two very interesting angles to the

story: the technological innovation and the ecological awareness.

While it's only a short segment on television, finding the right design was a painstaking process.

"It took Living Color months to develop what we needed," says Beaud. "They went back to the drawing board at least a half dozen times. The LED lighting was particularly challenging. The crew was great! It was a lot of fun; although, I have to say it is a lot

of work and I am not ready for a career in acting."

The show airs Monday at 9 p.m. on National Geographic.

PB Catch is located at 251 Sunrise Ave. in Palm Beach. Call 561-655-5558, or visit pbcatch.com.

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