Chez Jean-Pierre in Palm Beach: A Few Questions for Chef Chef Jean-Pierre Leverrier

Chef Clay Conley has paired up with Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign. On Sunday October 28, at Buccan, he is holding a charity dinner. Sounds like quite the offer from the James Beard nominated chef. Right?

Well, it gets even better. Conley has invited a handful of star chefs to collaborate on the menu, as well: Lindsay Autry, Top Chef Texas contestant; Paula DaSilva of 1500 Degrees, Miami Beach; Jean-Pierre Leverrier of Chez Jean-Pierre, Palm Beach; and Ken Vedrinski of Trattoria Lucca, Charleston, SC. With all of that star power, we figured we would drop in on one of our local chefs to have a chat. We chat and play fill in the blanks with Chef Jean-Pierre after the jump.

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Clean Plate Charlie: First thing first, why did you decide to participant in Conley's Share Our Strength?
Leverrier: Clay approached me and I thought it was a great cause, so I chose to participate. I would love to be able to do more but, between working the hours I work at the restaurant and spending time with my four grandchildren, I do not have the time.

______ and ______ distinguish northern French from the rest of the country.
Sauces, Dairy Products

I miss ______ most about Normandy.
The variety of seafood available.

My favorite dish is______.
Any curry dish.

My favorite wine is______.

The three ingredients I would not want to live without are ______, _______, and _______.
Shallots, lobster stock, mushrooms.

American diners are different from French diners in _______ way.
American diners are more open-minded.

My favorite place to eat when I am not working is ______.
At home with my family.

The Share Our Strength dinner at Buccan will take place Sunday, October 28, at 7 p.m. Cocktails will begin at 6 pm. Tickets are going for $200 per person. And, if you have the cash, there are also opportunities to host tables. To make a reservation call 312-805-3515 or visit