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Someone Is Going to Die at the Dive Bar Tonight

Compared to the raucous of Friday and Saturday nights on A1A, Tuesdays are pretty tame. But not tonight, someone's plotted murder. Well not someone with criminal intentions per se, rather co-owner and general manager of The Dive Bar, Cody Cole.

The blood might be iodine, and the clues planted, but Cole has organized a night a bit different from the typical barstool banter and bargain whiskey drinks: it's their first murder mystery night.

The victim, the killer, and the motive are all unknown. For $10, eat your money's worth at the buffet, mingle with the costumed characters, and solve the homicide. It'll be like an episode of CSI but without the commercial breaks and a lot more booze.

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Even though it's The Dive Bar's first murder mystery, it's not Cole's. He's attended whodunits in the past, and after having enough patrons voice their desire to attend one at the bar, Cole figured he would at least give hosting one a shot.

"At The Dive Bar we experiment and are always trying fun ways to entertain the guests. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't," Cole said shrugging his shoulders. "But hey we're at least gonna try."

A personal project, Cole spent the last month and a half organizing the event. Even though he purchased this particular game online, Cole has a friend from Miami who writes murder mystery novels. She has already agreed to author the next murder mystery night.