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Corona Beer 12-Ounce Glass Bottles Recalled

Constellation Brands has issued a voluntary recall of many of its Corona Beer products.

The recall, announced August 15, comes after the company's quality control laboratory found that some bottles of Corona Extra had defects that could cause small pieces of glass to break off and fall into the beer.

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According to the company website, "a production error occurred at one of four glass plants run by third party manufacturers that supply us with bottles."

So far, the company has stated that only a small percentage, about 1 percent of Corona released into the market, has been affected and that Constellation Brands is working with distributors to ensure most of the beer is caught before it gets to consumers. The recall is also limited to only certain 12-ounce clear bottles imprinted with the following codes:

G014C059; G024B069; G214C069; F294A049; G024C059; G034C069; G244B069; G064A059; G044C069; G244C069; G064C059; G054B049; G254C069; G074B059; G054C069; G264C069; G104A049; G064C049; G274C069; G104C049; G074B049; G294B069; G114C049; G084B049; G304B069; G124C049; G084C069; G134C049; G094B049; G144C049; G094B069; G154C049; G104A069; G164C049; G104C069; G244C049; G114C069; G254A049; G124C069; G264A049; G164A069; G274A049; G174B069; G304C059; G184B069

If you have any Coronas with one of the codes, call the company consumer call center at 866-204-9407 to receive reimbursement.

If you can't live without popping open a Corona, most products, including cans, Corona Light bottles, Corona Extra 24-ounce bottles, Coronitas, Corona Extra, and Corona Light cans, and (of course) Corona on draft are safe to drink.

If you have any concerns, visit the company's recall site at for more information.

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