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Blackmailing Bartender Slain by Lifeguard at the Dive Bar

Steely Dan echoed in the dimly lit bar as patrons took advantage of the $2 whiskey drinks. No one could predict that this Tuesday night at The Dive Bar would end in murder. And then a $250 cash prize to the person who solved it.

Unless they read the flyer of course.

Over charcuterie, cupcakes, and those $2 whiskey drinks, the staff and patrons alike costumed themselves in their finest resort wear and channeled their inner detective to take part in the joint's first murder mystery night.

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Set in the fictional beachside resort, Maragaritaland, the Dive Bar was decked in ocean trinkets for the night. Upon entering the bar, patrons were inducted into the game with Hawaiian leis.

Beginning with an awkward start, confused patrons were unsure who was acting and who wasn't. The staff at the Dive Bar were all characters in the twisted plot, but fittingly so: The Dive Bar's server who flitted around the joint taking orders all night, played the fictional Kylie Cocktail, the cocktail waitress. The Dive Bar's bartender mixed drinks behind the bar as he played the fictional Jack Daniels, the bartender who would later die.

They did this all while divulging pieces of the puzzle that patrons tried to put together.

To those that had never been to the Dive Bar, it was unclear, and for precautionary measures, everyone was suspicious of everyone. Balancing my reporter's notepad, and a camera, and asking guests for quotes, quite a few pegged me for killer, even after I explained I was only observing.

"That's what they want us think, right? I bet you are the murderer," one guest told me apprehensively.