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Dear President Obama: You're in Hollywood Sunday; Let's Do Lunch

Dear President Obama:

With less than a week to go before the presidential election, I am so pleased that you've chosen Hollywood to be the location for one of your last public rallies before the big day.

I love that you've picked one of our local high schools for the venue and I'm hoping you run with that theme and come out in a football uniform, complete with cheerleaders. An old-fashioned home-town pep rally is just what this town and country needs.

This Sunday, November 4, I'll be at McArthur High School Football Field (6501 Hollywood Boulevard) cheering you on. (Tickets' by the way are free, but you must pre-register at Afterward, like at any game, I'd like to take you to lunch. My treat (well, I'll probably expense it but you get the point).

You see, Mr. President, I love the fact that you're an enthusiastic eater with a taste for brewskis. Politics aside, it's people like you that keep me and my fellow food writers employed. I might go so far as to say that you've helped create my job (that's one out of five million). Plus, you have to eat. And, though you trust the secret service with your life -- do you really trust them to pick out a place to get a great burger?

So, Mr. President, I've hand-picked a few restaurants to take you to (in case you need to have some bomb-sniffing dogs "sweep" the place). Then, just let me know. I'll keep the afternoon open.

Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant and Market
Mr. President, you simply cannot leave south Florida without enjoying some of our very own local delicacy -- stone crabs at Billy's. These sweet claws, served with melted butter and mustard sauce, go great with a pitcher of beer. By dining on our seafood, you're supporting the local fishing industry -- mostly small business owners who rely on their boats to feed you -- and thus, their families. In fact, Billy's owner, Billy Hershey has his own fishing boat if you want to spend the day on the water for a good photo op. Then, you can stop at the market and get a pound of crabs to go for Michelle. She's working just as hard as you are.

Urban Rustic Bagels
Mr. President, there's nothing quite like a nice bagel with lox on a Sunday morning. If you walk into Urban Rustic Bagels unannounced, you'll cause quite a stir. Picture the faces of all the bubbies when they get the opportunity to pinch your cheeks, hug you, and take a picture with you. Perfect opportunity to talk about how you'll keep Social Security intact. That senior vote is locked in for sure.