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Ten Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

As an adult, life seems to be consumed by an endless stream of responsibility and minor annoyances.

You have bills to pay, a house to clean, pets to take care of, friends to see, people to date, work obligations that need attention, jury duty to attend... the list goes on and on and on yet again.

With every medical bill that comes in or cable television that needs fixing, we all fantasize of an easier time in life, a point in which we were liable for practically nothing, a period of utter unadulterated enjoyment.

It's called being a kid.

We're talking prepuberty here -- who in their right mind would want to be an awkward 13-year-old again? We're referring to the days in which you played as much as you liked with no fear of ramifications.

And few foods items symbolize childhood freedom like the gooey perfection of a grilled cheese sandwich -- there's something about copious amounts of lactose and gluten that just creates a calming sensation.

Sure, you could always pick up some Wonder Bread, Kraft Singles, and margarine and call it a day. But as you've grown older, you've grown wiser, and you just know better than that.

When you're looking to get your melted queso sandwich fix these days, you need something a bit more experienced than that. You need a sammie with some charisma.

Here are the ten best grilled cheese sandwiches in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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10. City-Eatz

Every city has its sandwich. For Philly, it's the cheese steak. In the Windy City, it's all about the Italian beef. Miami has the Cuban. New York: the hero. Well, this Festival Flea Market eatery is all about offering transplants the best of what their city has to offer (the Cuban and the hero aren't actually on the menu). To please Wisconsinites, it serves a lactose-filled Milwaukee Grilled Cheese ($5.45). The sammie comes with cheese straight from the dairy land itself, which encases grilled onions, tomatoes, and bacon, served on Texas toast.

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9. 13 American Table

A grilled cheese is essentially the American version of a panini -- everything here is cross-cultural. This place mashes together the good ole U.S. of A. with the land of its forebears. (There's a reason pizza and tapas are such a big deal here.) The smoked chicken and bacon grilled cheese ($13) combines Spanish manchego, roasted peppers, and arugula between two slices of fluffy bread for a flavor profile that combines the best of the New and Old Worlds. It's the melding of traditions -- literally.

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